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bring joy, build brains.

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When the kids meet Sage the Ghost, they go on an a-MAZE-ing adventure and learn to celebrate their differences.

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Imagine if it was your


It's hard to get things done when your mind wanders, but imagine if your brain LITERALLY walked away!

 When Bob's brain -- Brainboy -- starts to get eaten by a maggot, he has to think quickly so he doesn't lose his mind!

Fun for all ages, BRAINBOY AND BOB explores friendship, empathy, and grit while celebrating the weird. 


mind Wander?

Have a Great first day!

Brainboy and Bob pretty nervous to go back to school. They talk through their concerns and expectations, then come up with a plan!  School turns out great!

Full of tips, parenting strategies, activities that families can do together, this book will help create a unique plan on how to approach the First Day of School Jitters.

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Lorran “Lorraine” Garrison (she/her) grew up on the island of Guam and is a school psychologist in San Diego.  She is the co-founder of Little Brainstorm, a media company that brings joy and builds brains.  She is also the co-author of the Brainboy and Bob series and regularly speaks on the topics of neurodiversity, disability, and BIPOC needs at ComicCon International, California Association of School Psychologists, Gender Spectrum Symposium, TAGGS, and others.

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Former writer, illustrator, and theatre director, JT loves to tell meaningful but weird stories that kids and adults can enjoy together and have a conversation about after.


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