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The Happiest Octopus
The Happiest Octopus

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Do you have the

The first day of school is coming up and Brainboy and Bob are feeling pretty nervous. They talk through their concerns and expectations, then come up with a plan!  School turns out great!

Full of tips, parenting strategies, activities that families can do together, this book will help create a unique plan on how to approach the First Day of School Jitters.


Does your Brain wander?

It's hard to get things done when your mind wanders, but imagine if your brain LITERALLY walked away!

 When Bob's brain -- Brainboy -- starts to get eaten by a maggot, he has to think quickly so he doesn't lose his mind!

Fun for all ages, BRAINBOY AND BOB explores friendship, empathy, and grit while celebrating the weird. 



School Psychologist, Writer, Gamer

Lorran Garrison has a Masters in Education with a Pupil Personel Services credential, and is a school psychologist in San Diego.  She regularly speaks on the topics of neurodiversity, disability intersectionality and meeting BIPOC needs at ComicCon International, California Association of School Psychologists, Gender Spectrum Symposium, and others.



Writer, Illustrator, Director, Teacher

Justin played a ton of video games until he figured out that writing could be even more fun.  

Theatre is his first love, and he is Drama Director at the all-girls Academy of Our Lady of Peace in San Deigo, CA. Favorite productions include his award-winning Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shrek: The Musical, and The Women's Suffrage Project, written by his students and performed during Covid. 

A huge D&D fan for decades, Justin loves adventure, discovery, and catharsis. 


Creation and storytelling are one and the same, and Justin draws inspiration from the Poor Theatre and the Holy Actor as developed by Jerzy Grotowski and Bertolt Brecht's idea that theatre {and all creative acts] "needs no other passport than fun."



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